In this day and age it’s hard to stand out VS the next artist. It seems like everyone is recording and making music. We will work with you, cover all angles to ensure of a well rounded complete project. We have years of experience, and will adapt to each individual client, and make sure we are covering all your needs, and tailor the job to all of our expectations, with the goal of ultimately releasing a quality project.

Marketing Plan

We will craft a proper marketing plan with you to cover all the angles of your release. Move Right can lead you in the right direction to ensure everything is covered. We will assess your release and go over with you what is needed, incldung the costs that will incur with it. We will explore revenue options, as well, give you a clear overview of the project, with a realistic timeline of goals and dates we can reach for.

Press Promotion

The Move Right Team will work the project by getting your release out to press/tastemakers in Canada, targeting local, regional, and national press. We will follow up with you to get you copies of any press clippings, interview URL links, and have them sent to you for your use on social media & your website. We will send out digital copies of the release, as well a digital version of the corresponding one sheet for the single or album. As well, we will blast your release to out to blog and magazine editors.

Radio/Mixshow Promotion

The move right team will get your project out to college radio stations, including reporting stations (Earshot/ChartAttack Reporting Hip-Hop) as well we will target individual college radio shows, with intentions of getting spins, and setting up interviews. As well we will blast your single to our extensive list of Club and mix show DJ’s.

Commercial Radio Promotion

To be discussed based on the project.


We have an exclusive relationship with a few screen print shops that can handle orders of any size and style requests. We will get you the best quality, & price possible, for you to have the best profit margin for your clothing merchandise.


Banner placements on targeted sites promoting your project on sites such as Hip Hop Canada, Hip Hop DX, UGHH etc.
Artist branding, artwork design & other necessary graphics.